Collection: The No 2

The story started with an eye Lasik surgery 4 years ago.

“As a glasses wearer since she was a kid, I struggled my whole life to find a pair of glasses for my Asian face that don't slide down my nose, touch my cheeks, and hurt my nose and ears. Finally, the annoyance from wearing glasses led me to an eye Lasik surgery. I was so happy that no more glasses for me until I put on sunglasses and experienced the same eyewear problems again! At that moment, I realized there is something wrong with how eyewear is designed.”

Swin founded THE NO. 2 to create eyewear that truly focuses on customers' fit, comfort, and wearing experience rather than just style or trend. She believe that people take "eyewear is uncomfortable" for granted, but they don't have to. We break the status quo and make eyewear easy and effortless to wear every day.”