Collection: Asato

ASATO grew up in Japan practising Nichiren-Shoshu. He was always surrounded by beautiful things such as Buddhist religious sculptures. However he believes his imagination was born in an environment where dissonance, created by negative human emotions. In graduate school this drove him towards Freud's and Nietzsche's philosophies, interweaving his own experience and exploring the affirmation of trauma and the value of imperfections. For him, art is a ritual that sublimates the pain of life into elegance.

“The “Catharsis” collection is researched and an expression of how to improve self affirmation and how we can affirm our existence. Studying how the pandemic and other recent conflicts have affected people, it’s no secret that the rate of mental exhaustion was unfathomable. That fact made me think about the importance of affirmation in life and the process of development of spiritual affluence. I aim to re-recognize our existence by embodying the 8 fundamental emotions people have and celebrating our imperfections and vulnerability.”