Black handbag pony hair and leather

The Delaluz Bag Drop

Are you sick of everyone carrying the same bags from the same 3 designers? Prepare to be liberated.

Introducing our newest emerging designer Atelier Delaluz: 

Founded by Mariel Delal, each item is named after a member of her family. Delaluz is a fashion label that collaborates with Mexican artisans, successfully creating objects that honor the ancient techniques while having a modern spin. They use natural fibers and natural dyes as much as possible to honor their heritage. Their collections are made in small batches to minimize waste and ensure the quality of each item is nothing short of perfection.

Meet The Davina - where elegance and artisanal craftsmanship meet. It encapsulates “it girl” energy with just the right amount of mystery.

Black leather handbag with pony hair

 Meet The Brianda - It encapsulates “city girl on the go” with the perfect combination of edginess and versatility. Supercharged simplicity at its best.

Stay tuned for the ready-to-wear drop coming soon! 

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