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Eileen Pappas

Valery Bangle

Valery Bangle

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The philosopher Paul Valéry described how the mollusk exudes its shell:

“Life begins less by reaching upward, than by turning upon itself... a shell carved by man would be obtained from the outside, through a series of enumerable acts that would bear the mark of touched-up beauty; whereas the mollusk exudes its shell, it lets the building material seep through, distilling its marvelous covering as needed.”

Clay shaped by hand in a primitive way was systematically dipped in hot wax, the new “shells” created were carefully removed by peeling and slicing. The clay gradually dried out and wax flowed into this new porosity, resulting in a serendipitous texture. “Phenomena” emerged through this process, abstract yet reminiscent of shells. Shelters for the self, painstakingly shaped through subtle accumulation, echoing Nature’s method.

Sterling silver with patina.

The bangle is made to order. Each piece is handmade and hand-finished so slight variations will occur.

 *Please note this item ships out in 7-10 days

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