Closr's Sunset Shopping Suite

Closr's Sunset Shopping Suite

On October 13th 2022 we had the privilege of hosting 7 emerging designers from around the world at a pop-up event in Chelsea, New York City. We had 150 coveted guests across industries like Fashion, Publishing, Finance, F&B and more. 

It gave our audience the opportunity to meet and establish real relationships with their designers first hand, and it gave designers the opportunity to interact with their audience. Check out some of our emerging designers below:

  1. The No.2 Eyewear - “As a glasses wearer since I was a kid, I struggled my whole life to find a pair of glasses for my Asian face that didn't slide down my nose, touch my cheeks, and hurt my nose and ears." Swin founded THE NO. 2 to create eyewear that truly focuses on customers' fit, comfort, and wearing experience rather than just style or trend. 

Glasses portrait

2. HAUTO_ Founded by Isaac Zeuqram and Mariel Delal to fill a gap in the genderless fashion market. Their versatile and durable leather clothing and accessories are created by Mexican artisans in small productions to ensure that the quality is perfect.

3. Armande - New Orleans-born Armande Alexandra founded her eponymous womenswear brand ARMANDE in 2019 focusing on a nostalgic and cultured redesign of classic silhouettes to deconstruct the ways in which we consider the female body and its relationship to femininity. Through small-batch production by a woman-owned factory in New York City, ARMANDE provides an intuitive approach to designing versatile statement essential garments that promote waste prevention.

black women's tuxedo


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