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CFDA x Closr

"Drishti Gangwani, launches Closr, an eCommerce platform to support the next generation of emerging designers." Building a relationship between the buyer and the designer is a core tenet of Closr and something Gangwani believes makes a difference in how we shop.


Fashionista: AI coming for Fashion jobs?

AI proficiency being prioritized at the higher education level. "Within the fashion education system people are already learning to design using digital platforms, and that's becoming a norm now," she says. "It's no longer just an option."


Fashionista: AI Models

Billion-dollar companies touting cost-saving measures isn't a noble cause. But for small designers, it can be the difference between releasing or abandoning a collection. Using AI to propel independent creatives is something Drishti Gangwani, founder of the shopping destination Closr, is excited about.