Dreaming of Delaluz

Dreaming of Delaluz

Handmade by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, the pieces designed by Mariel Delal seamlessly bring her family’s heritage to the rest of the world. Atelier Delaluz’s latest collection features a number of different styles, all namesakes from the loved ones of Delal’s family.

Being from Mexico herself, Delal mentions, "people don't really believe I'm Mexican because I’m blonde and have blue eyes," leading to a deep dive into Mexican heritage for her thesis project. Aspects in her final collegiate collection have trickled into Atelier Delaluz, found exclusively at Closr. 

From dresses to scrunchies to leather vests, Delaluz has a look for every occasion, put together with the most intentional thought and care.

1) Tita Y Nicky Mini Dress

A mini dress for your brightest occasions that screams Euro Summer. Crafted with 100% Oaxacan Cotton and 22 carat gold threaded embroidery, the Tita Y Nicky Mini Dress features Delal’s grandmother's profile as a unique neckline that can be worn two different ways.  

2) Heritage Cape Blouse

A chic neckline paired with 100% silk creates a picture of class in a blouse. The flowing silhouette allows for endless ways to style for a beautiful blending of classic meets cool. Available in Black and pink, you get to pick the aesthetic! 

 3) Mariel Leather Vest 

For the chic streetwear connoisseur, the Mariel Leather Vest boasts a deep V neckline with a tie back. Wear it on top of your favorite button down or alone for the perfect day-to-night look that will have everyone asking, “where did you get that?” 

4) Mamá High-Waisted Peplum Skirt

Inspired by Delal’s mother, the Mamá High Waisted Peplum Skirt creates an ever-interesting silhouette when paired with your favorite blouse. Twinkling gold bar beads along the hemline draw attention as you walk into any room. 

5) Abubu Y Abobo Maxi Dress

The sister dress of the Tita Y Nicky Mini, carries a longer hemline for a unique daytime look. Featuring an asymmetric cape sleeve, gold thread embroidery, and the option of 100% Oaxacan Cotton fabric, this Maxi is the euro summer dress of dreams. 

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